Roses in an Aqua Blue Pot

available for purchase

This is my latest oil painting of red, magenta, and cream roses. I did a very similar painting back in 2012, pretty sure it was then. (do you recognize it?) But this time I combined my palette knife style with it. It gives it a very romantic, almost antique feeling. I hope someone loves it as much as I do! I might just have to keep it! The price is $225 which is already low and won't be put on sale. You may have notice I had a flash sale to earn some funds for my upcoming trip to Kauai. It was successful and I may choose a few more to offer before I go. Just consider that I already price my art much lower than most so there's not a lot of room for discounts. I do this so that anyone can collect my art. I also offer layaway plans to make it even easier. Best thing is once you purchase your first piece, any original piece after that will be 10% off (just use the code you receive with your purchase).
Thank you so much for supporting this living artist! Your support keeps me creating new pieces and I really, seriously can't do it without you!


Hello March!

Work in progress...

close up shot...still in progress

Wow! It's March! I made it through another winter! I know the winters are relatively mild here compared to so many other spots, but growing up in Southern California spoiled me forever! 
It's gloomy and raining today but I can handle it. In about a month I'll be on the warm sands of Kauai! My mom, sister and I are going on a once in a lifetime trip! As you know, my mom has metastasized breast cancer (stage 4) that's in her bones, so we are living for the moment as we should have done all along. It's so easy to get caught up in our daily lives and to take things for granite, but you never know what life will bring; so it's important to do the things you always talked about doing. We always talked about going on a girls trip to Greece but Kauai will do! It's going to be so much fun! 
So I'm selling some paintings to earn funds for my trip! My plane ticket is paid for so that's half the battle. I'm going no matter what but every little bit counts. Thank you for supporting this living artist! I appreciate all of you more than I can express! 

So this painting pictured here is my latest work in progress. It's a 30x40 inch canvas with the thick painted sides so no framing required. I've painted the sides a deep teal "washed" look. It's hard to describe but I'll try to get some photos. This was inspired by wedding flower designs that mixed stripes with anemones (the white flowers). That idea evolved to the stripes being a worn picket fence with the flowers spilling over. I want it to have a modern/rustic feel...if that's possible. Kind of contradictory, but that's what I'm after. The painting started with acrylics until it took shape, then I broke out the oils. In the end it will have lots of impasto texture, yummy rich color, and will be a big bold statement piece! That's the plan...I'll try to post progress reports on here but if you want the latest updates, instagram is where I post @ jbeaudet_art . It's so easy to upload progress shots from my phone. Hope to see you there!