Day 13 A Little French Village

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This painting was another one from my Facebook friend Mary. She's been everywhere! 
(blogger makes the images a little brighter and more saturated than the real life image) 



Playing Catch up!

6x6 inch

I decided to use my daughter as model again. She posed for me in my mom's hats, out on her deck. I changed the colors completely here though, and her hat was supposed to be black. I don't know what happened to it here…have to look at my file and double check it. 



Day 4 Just Down the Street...

Light At the End

It's little every day scenes like this one that make me appreciate the beauty that surrounds me. I've had took reference photo last year while driving around my county. Fall is such a beautiful time of year and just around the corner! I could feel it in the air this morning and notice the changing light. I do love Summer but am ready for some cooler weather…for a while at least.  



Day 3 Bougainvillea Love

The Sunny Side
8x8 inch
Blick canvas panel

This is another little painting inspired by my friend on face book's travel photos. I cropped in close on this scene and made the bougainvillea blooming a little more than it was at that time. I was drawn to this scene for the stairs, the flowers, and the sunny warmth on the stone walls. Off to paint my next one! 


Day 2 of the 30 in 30 Challenge

8x8 inch panel

Busy painting! I've also been working on a portrait commission which is coming along nicely. It has four faces in it though so it's a little more work than normal. This painting was inspired by a Facebook friend's travel photos. Just a quaint little French scene. I added the flowers and the tree on the side.
Tomorrow's painting will be another from her photos. (I'm still waiting to get some of my daughter's photos from her trip to Paris…) 



Open The Door to Begin!

6x8 inch panel

The 30 in 30 Challenge by Leslie Saeta is here! I'm opening with this little door painting, and will follow with a few more European architecture pieces. I'll also be doing some florals and figures and finish with a few from Paris. 



New Peonies Painting!

Vintage Shells and Peonies

This painting is "me", full of my favorite things. I love the Shabby Chic, French Country, Romantic style. It has an old vintage feel to it because of the palette,  which I love. This is definitely a palette I would like to stick with for a while. I realized my paintings are always so bright (even this one is a little bit). I actually like more soft pastels most of the time, although I must say I can't resist the bright turquoise colors of tropical waters and a beautiful bold red dress! Anyway, I'm trying to be more aware of the palettes I use, and not get carried away with bright colors. Sometimes all that is needed, to make a painting work, is one bold color with the majority of the color taking a backseat. 



A New Woman in Red Painting

I took a break from my commissions (while waiting for my canvas to arrive) and painted this one. It's been a while since I've done a figure with the palette knife loose work. Felt good to free up and express my feelings with paint. I think I need some art therapy these days… 
I asked my friends on Facebook for help with a name and Amira came up with the one I used, "Forgotten Rose". There were so many great suggestions! Thank you all! I was pleasantly surprised that this one sold in two hours after posting it! I really need to do more of these…and larger. This one was an 11x14 which is my go to size but I know many of you want a larger statement piece. Look for some in the future or, if you can't wait, commission me! 



My Life As a….Thriving Artist!

When I first started this blog 5 years ago, I named it "My Life As a Starving Artist". Although I was never literally starving, I yearned for the day I could create and actually make a living doing so. I painted on furniture, painted address tiles, watercolors, and even made wreaths. Oh, and I can't forget the lovely little art dolls made of clay. I've fortunately always found a market for my art but it wasn't until I started painting in oils that things really started happening for me. And even then, after about five years of dedicating my life to this, it's just now really starting to take off. 

Lots of hard work, sweat, and tears (well maybe not too much sweat…except for when I painted outside a few times) have gone into my business. I still struggle to find my way, scouring the web for little hints and tips to make this work, and get overwhelmed at times. It's the business side that gets me. Before this I was a special ed aide at an elementary school…it was definitely the most rewarding job I've ever had, but not very business like at all. Sometimes, I wish I had a magic wand I could wave and be done with the business tasks for the day, so I can just paint. It mostly comes down to time. I get these great ideas I want to do but don't have the time to even get them started. Or, I do start them and look like a flake that never finishes anything! Organization has never been my thing. 

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Anyway, I got sidetracked a little here. My point of this post was to say that I've come to the realization that I have evolved into a THRIVING artist now! I don't know when or how it happened, but it has! I have a list of commissions I'm currently working on and more to come. I've actually had to turn some away because I wasn't able to get them done in the time they needed them. (believe me I did not like saying no) Sometimes you have to though. It wouldn't be fair to put them ahead of my other clients…even though they were somebody famous! (yeah…they were. I found that out after the fact and was kicking myself. Hopefully she'll come back later.) 
I'm busy! This is what I wanted. It's so great! I am not taking it for granted though, I appreciate every single painting I do, no matter what it is. I appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you for helping me make this happen! That being said, I know how fast it can go away. 

When I began this journey, I was "discovered" by some very big bloggers and enjoyed some great exposure from it! Orders were rolling in and I couldn't paint fast enough (I was doing art photos too) But it all suddenly stopped! I don't know why, never figured it out. It drove me crazy for a while trying to figure out what happened. Did I say something wrong? I'm finally over that (but boy would it be nice to know what happened) So…believe me, I know that success can be fleeting and so appreciate where I am now. I feel like I wasn't "ready" in the beginning and had to learn a few things. I'm ready now! So…if any of you old blogger friends read this…well, you know. 

Some wonderful places where my art has been mentioned:

if I forgot you please let me know so I can add your site here!

I appreciate all of you! I just wish I had known what a big deal it was back then. I didn't have a clue what I was doing. 

I even had a visit and comment from Joanna from A Cup of Jo and I really had know idea how cool that was. I loved her blog but didn't realize the opportunity. I've learned so much…but am still a little naive sometimes.

I'm going to be doing some small paintings starting in September as I am participating in Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 challenge again! Here's last year's post of my challenge. 

This year, I'm planning it out a little better and have preordered some canvas panels so I don't have to paint on paper. I may do a giveaway of an original sometime during the month so keep you eyes out for that! 

Below are some of my available paintings….

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Thanks so much for your visit! I hope you all have a great week!:)