Sunflower Dream new oil painting

Sunflower Dream new oil painting 

Don't you think this is such a happy painting? It's the sunflowers, I'm sure but it's hard to resist a red barn. This painting was inspired by my drive to the next town over, last Spring. I got so much inspiration and only 15 minutes away! I live in a beautiful area of California, it's all beautiful. I'm lucky to have been born and raised in California. Even though I'm so far from home now, it's still gorgeous! I will really miss it if we move. I added the sunflowers here, I also changed the barn and added the path leading up to it.                                                          
                                                                   Here's my photo-

you can see I really just use photos for inspiration and don't like to copy exactly what I see. It's not really art if you just copy it, it's a painting of a photo. My goal it for my painting to be an "expression" or "impression" of how I feel about a certain subject. I use certain colors and loose brush strokes to achieve that. 

Oh, studio news! I sold my first angel painting…haven't done any new ones…yet, but I definitely will. I have to be inspired though. 



On hold (soon to be sold)

sold (look for a larger one soon)

on hold (soon to be sold)

I'm very grateful for all of my collectors! I appreciate you all! 


Pink Roses in the Afternoon

Plein air painting some roses in my backyard! I purchased this pochade box a few months ago but this is the first time taking it out for a test spin. It works! I just need a few more hands to hold everything. Now I understand why they come with attachments for brush holders and a place to put the palette. It will take some getting used to. The hard part is not getting the paint all over the place! This painting was a challenge only because it was almost 100 degrees outside and it was after 4 pm. I can't wait for the cooler weather so I can venture out further from home! 


A Little Drive Through Winecountry

this one has been spoken for already

Confession…I don't really drink wine. I know I'm alone in that but it just gives me a headache and some of it makes my celiac problems surface. However, I love everything else about it…the beautiful grapevines, gorgeous wineries, even the taste and smell. This painting was inspired by a photo a friend posted on Facebook. She actually took a bunch for me as she drove through the Napa valley. I combined it with a photo of a Tuscan winery that my step mom took awhile ago. I've used it in another painting I did when I was first starting to paint with oils. I'm going to be doing a series of wine country paintings so stay tuned and join me on our make-believe winery tour!


New painting! Red Dress

Hello! I just finished this one after a little break from painting. I've still been working on painting, just not actual painting. I found a great source for online learning called ArtforFree. Even though it's free it has very high quality videos and amazing instructors, like Kevin Macpherson. I've read several of his workshop books but there's nothing like seeing him paint! Thanks for offering this! I'm also really fixing up my studio, and this time I'm mean really. I always have plans that get in the way but I'm really going to do it this time.

This painting is an 11x14 inch oil on canvas…named…Scarlet, by one of my Facebook fans! Thanks John! I hope you all like it as much as I enjoyed painting it!


Some Summer Blooms...


This is my latest painting of hollyhocks. It's my first time painting them but won't be the last! They're so much fun to paint! It was done with oils on linen panel and I only use a palette knife for the stamen in the middle, everything else was painted with a new bright brush. I wish brutes stayed new forever.

I'm a little messy with my brushes and although I do try, I just can't seem to keep them sharp for long. I've been holding off buying some really good ones for this reason, but read somewhere that good brushes are the most important thing about painting. I wonder if that's true.


New Romantic Floral

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Wouldn't this piece look great in a cottage chic, shabby chic, romantic style home? I think it would also look great in a beach home too, even traditional decor. Framing it will change the direction it can go. I see all kinds of possibilities. The inspiration for this painting came from my recent trip down the hill to Trader Joe's. I don't always pick up flowers but I saw they had lisianthus and had to have them! The roses were also beautiful and came with a few stems of alstroemeria. I used lots of texture achieved with a palette knife and love the way the glass turned out. I think I'm getting better! This one's my new fav right now but I've already started on a new hydrangea piece. It's a 20x20 so it's not small. This one isn't small either. It's 16x20. You can find all the info about it by clicking on the link right below the image.

 Cindy's 10 Year Blogging Anniversary! Wow!!


Inspiration Overload

available here

Can there be such a  thing as too much inspiration? I'm not really sure what's been going on with me these last few months, but I'm trying to work through it. I get so inspired to paint but then hesitate because of too many choices and the thought of out doing my last piece. I don't want to regress!

I just got back from a whirl wind trip to Southern California. My mom and I traveled to see my sister and attend my nieces high school graduation. It's a long, long drive and we did it in one day. The following day was spent recovering and wasn't helped any with a sleepless night. We enjoyed one spectacular day in Laguna, where we had lunch at Las Brisas, overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean (my home), followed by more inspiration at a few galleries. I was pleasantly surprised at the down to earth feeling I got from the Art Directors/Owners of the few galleries we stopped in. I had thought they would be stuffy and indicating. I was so wrong. Since this was a spur of the moment idea, I wasn't prepared to introduce myself as an artist interested in representation. I did tell them I was an artist so they would waist too much time selling to me, but they still took time with me even after finding that out. Anyway, this little excursion left me with a new goal. I think I would like to seek some representation down there. It's probably a big dream and nothing more but I'm just "putting it out there" to the Universe. I had pieces in local galleries but have never tried to get in anywhere else. I might never try but it's on my mind now and will soon be on my Dream Board.

prints and more available here 

The whole trip left me yearning to be back home at the beach even more than ever. We were there for such a short time, busy with family (not complaining though. It was great to see them) I didn't even get to put my toes in the sand. While we were having lucy we met a daughter visiting her father who lived in Laguna. She had grown up there and like me misses the ocean, a lot! As soon as they finished lunch she changed into her suit and went for a dip! I should have brought mine with me. I'm on a new mission to move to Oceanside-San Diego, somewhere around there. Huntington Beach would be my first choice but it's quite pricey. My guy is 55+ and I'll be 45 next month so we qualify for the retirement communities! haha I'm happy for that! Now...I just have to get him to go along with me. He's  not from California originally so doesn't have a love for it like I do, and would actually like to move away.

available here

So, back to my art. I think I'm going to focus on figures and flowers and go large! That's one thing a gallery owner told me. Large is the way to go. I will still be offering smaller pieces too of course and I'm sure I won't be able to help add a landscape in there, but will also be trying to create a body of large pieces, like in the 40x60 range. They may be shipped, rolled and then need to be re-stretched if they are going over seas but as long as they're staying in the US shipping is doable. So I'm off to create my new Dream Board and order some gigantic canvas!

I will write about the angel and her significance in my life in my next post. 


Where Did May Go?

work in progress

Where did May go? It happens every year. I wait for Spring and Summer and they fly by! I remember this even as a child growing up in Southern California. Yes we did have the best weather but i still waited for the perfect beach weather. We had what they call, June Gloom, where the marine layer stays along the coast, never burning off. July was my favorite but that could have something to do with the fact that it's my Bday month! But the weather was always the best late summer, early fall. The water warms up to a nice temp, and the nights stay warm. What great memories I have of that time of year. The night blooming jasmine fills the air and swimming at night was not out of the question. 
Good times. 
This piece I'm currently working on, of Catalina, brings back some wonderful memories. But now I'm once again, scouring the internet for a way to move back down there (well, I kind of always do that). I'm not sure if it's a case of "the grass is always greener", or if it's because that's where I was born and raised and nothing compares to it. Whatever it is, it keeps me drawn to painting its beauty of never endless inspiration. 
I just purchased my first pochade box and am planning on getting out and painting the world…that's my plan at least…we'll see. I have a french easel but it takes so long to set up, I'm hoping that the ease of the pochade box will make it so I have no excuse. I tried to make on myself but it never quite came together. I think the box was too heavy, anyway.
This painting of Avalon on Catalina, CA is not from plein air painting but from a great reference photo from Ivy Faulkner of Palos Verdes Pictures. I'm friends with her on Facebook and have admired her photos for quite awhile now. When I saw this scene, I knew I had to paint it, so was thrilled when she said yes to my question of using it for reference. I cropped it a little tighter and added the bougainvillea, which really sets it off. I'm really liking this one… I can just imagine the ocean air and warm sun on my face. It's an 18x24 oil, so is taking about a week to complete, but I'm enjoying every minute of it. 


available soon
 This piece was done on mistake and will available soon for purchase. It's a 9x12…I was supposed to paint an 8x10 and don't know how I mixed that up. Anyway practice is always good, right? I still need to retake the photo with my good camera and then get it listed. If you're interested before then, it's a 9x12 oil on stretched canvas for $150 (plus shipping)

So now I'm off to paint more! I will be continuing my painting every day but am taking a week off soon! Can't wait to get some new inspiration photos on my trip! Have a great June!!!


What do you think?

This is one of my latest figures. I'm happy with how she turned out but she went through some changes. I originally painted her nude but ended up adding the little scarf in the end. I also used a palette knife to not only soften some edges but just give the paint a more lively feel. 

A few people on my Facebook weren't happy with the changes, or at least they liked her in the nude better. What do you think? 


Tonal Portrait, Practice makes perfect!

Here's today's painting for my May challenge! It's an 8x10 oil on panel
I'm going to retake the photo because there's too much glare here.

Yesterday's was for a client who wanted a larger version of my previous rooster! I gladly painted it again. It's so much fun to paint the feathers. Kind of like painting the hair in the one above. 

Thanks for following my challenge! 


Jacaranda Love New Maui Purple Tree Art

Jacaranda Love
6x8 inch
available here

Here's Day 4 of my "Painting My Day Away in May" Challenge. Love, love, love jacarandas! Even better when they're on Maui!

This was Day 3 and it went fast! I'm posting on Facebook and instagram first because of the ease. Here's my instagram - @jbeaudet_art and my Facebook is JBeaudetStudios


*blogger brightens the images slightly more than the original 


New Pink Fancy Lady Painting

This pretty lady in pink was inspired by a vintage photo. I believe it's Vogue. The photo was black in white without any flowers. I also made my own interpretation of her face. 
I love vintage fashion! I grew up making paper dolls and admiring my mom's framed hand-painted prints from the Godey's Lady Book and Magazine. And of course my favorite movie is 
Gone With The Wind! The fashions were so beautiful back then. 

This original oil painting is on an 11x14 ampersand gesso board. I ended up naming her
"Blushing Anticipation"…a combination of help from my Facebook friends! 


Lilacs palette knife contemporary impressionist painting

Lilacs palette knife impressionist painting 

available here

I'm busy painting, trying to get more for the next show! This one is an 8x8 oil on canvas with thick painted sides- $100. The sides are thick and painted black so no frame is needed! You can see all the texture on it! Only a palette knife can do that. It's like frosting! 


More News to Share!


Here's a new fancy lady painting that I just finished. It sold as soon as I listed it, so that's some good news! I'm going to be doing more for sure, and have an idea for a new series. (think "ocean")! 
Well, I didn't win that contest a posted about last time, but it was great just to be in it. The magazine gets a lot of exposure. I just wish I had chosen a different image. That's why I never enter (besides, they cost money) because I have the hardest time choosing what I think my best is. Even when I paint something and think I've done a great job, that's not always the one that goes the fastest. Sometimes the ones I think are the best never sell at all. I'm not a good judge I guess. haha

I do however have some exciting news to share! I was asked, by my county, to be the "Painter Representing Trinity County"! How cool is that!? I said yes of course! I'm honored and thrilled to be recognized as an artist in my little town. You probably know by now, I really only sell my art online, behind the scenes, and don't like making public appearances. I'm trying to change that, though! I've been trying all my life, really. Social anxiety is real and affects a lot of people in many ways. For me, it's definitely held me back from doing things all throughout my life. I'm almost 45 though, and think it's time to get over it! Much easier said then done…but I'm trying! 

I'm just truly grateful to have made it this far only selling my art online. It means so much to me that you my art touches your soul that much for you to want to have it in your home! It's a part of my soul…a part of me.

On my easel…I'm currently working on a commissioned piece for a dear collector of mine. It's the Augusta Golf Course's famous 12th hole. I went on the Master's website and watched the video (freezing it at the best shot). It's gorgeous! I remember watching that with my dad a few years back, and stating how gorgeous it was! Now I'm painting it. I love my job!:) 

If you'd like to commission me to paint something special for you, here's a little info on that! Commission the Artist 


Artist of The Year!

Click on this painting to vote!
So, I wasn't going to try but figured it couldn't hurt. I don't normally like asking for votes, but it's a chance to win $1000, which could come in handy for creating more art! If you'd like to help me out with a vote, just click on the image then scroll down to the bottom. When you find this painting hit the "Thumbs Up" icon and that's it! The only thing is you have to vote everyday…I know, that's asking a lot. Like I said, I wasn't even going to try but maybe I'll be surprised! :) 
Thanks for your help! 



Art Showing this Saturday!

I'm actually going to be showing my work in person this Saturday! If you've been following for for anytime you know that's not something I do…like ever! A good friend of mine persuaded me to, and it felt right. It's going to be an afternoon tea party, and this little painting is just perfect for it! It will be there along with prints and some other paintings. I'm excited for this experience! 
The women putting it on are really nice and the proceeds from the Tea will go to a good cause! 
Doesn't get any better than that! Wish me luck:)


Impressionist Lavender Field Painting

Impressionist Lavender Field Painting

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Lavender Field and Sunflowers
8x8 inch
no frame needed
This contemporary impressionist lavender field painting is inspired by Spring! Click on the image to get a better idea of the colors and another view of the original painting. Lavender fields are so calming to look at, not to mention the smell and what that can do for you! The sunflowers add a nice contrast to the purple and make the colors pop. I also added some turquoise in there because all those colors look so good together! You can see some of the palette knife work and beautiful thick paint on here.

Well my daughter finished her first week at her new job and it's official now! It's the biggest sense of relief, knowing that she'll be ok. No more frantically searching the internet for grad schools and careers to make use of her BS in Psychology. It's a dream come true for her! I'm so happy for her! 

I'm going to reveal my big news next time, although it's not as big as I had thought. Isn't that the way things go sometimes. Until then, have a wonderful day and paint your world beautiful!