Be Open to Receive

Dance of the Koi

Everything happens for a reason. Be open to receive and all things are possible.

Back when I started this blog, I wrote about my garage sale I was having to earn some money for a move I was making. (moved to L.A. but somehow made it back to this small town…but that's a whole other story) Anyway, at the garage sale I was visited by a local man who I had never met before. He came, looked around, admired a few of my paintings I was selling, then left. He came back a little later and purchased my paintings! He was going to give them to his daughter. We talked a while and I learned that he had owned a gallery in San Francisco. He gave me advice and insight to what galleries were looking for and what might generate more business for me. Looking at my work, he said he could see my passion in the way I painted and that not everyone had this. He saw something special in my work! I was thrilled to hear this and he may not know this but that gave me some confidence I had never known before.

Later that day, my daughter and I went back inside. I think I was painting, she was either reading or playing video games, when there was a knock at the door. It was the mysterious man again. He had a book in his hands; a book from our sale, and said he wanted to purchase it. My daughter loved books and had a hard time parting with them but we needed to lighten our load for the move. We talked some more, he told me to concentrate on one subject, where my true passion was (something I have to admit I still struggle with…focusing on one subject).

He had another profound message. He was a Buddhist and told me about his experience with it. I knew nothing about this religion except for the monks I had seen come into town a few times wearing their orange dress. There's a Buddhist temple in the next town over but he wasn't from there. He gave me a card, which I still have in my purse. It's a regular size business card with the words 
Nam(u) Myōhō Renge Kyō printed on it and a pamphlet with some information about Buddhism. It was his story though, that really got me and I knew then, there was a powerful force in these words. I was in a pretty bad place at the time and had nothing to lose so I started chanting. It gave me a peace I hadn't known. Although I never got seriously into it, I know it's always there and their philosophy is just a great way to live. I still chant when I can and when I remember to. He gave me such a gift that day and if I hadn't taken the time to talk to him I would never have received it. 
I realize you may be wondering what this has to do with art; it may be art for me, but it could be something else for you. You never know. Have you ever read The Celestine Prophecies? I admit I haven't read many books, I read art books and magazines in my free time, but I really enjoyed this book and while reading it, thought it was a true story! I believe! Even after I found out, with disappointment, that it was all made up, I still, to this day, try to live this way. 

So I leave with you these thoughts...Slow down and be open, you never know what is in store for you!

*after writing this post,  I was driving home from the gym and saw the man from my story! I've been back here for 3 years and have not seen him once, but on this day, right after writing about him, there he was! Anyway, I thought that was weird…coincidence? Maybe, but you never know!:)



Sheila said...

Great post Jen, nice to have reminders!

Portraits by NC said...

What an interesting story Jennifer. I have come to the conclusion that the universe moves in mysterious ways and your post just confirmed it again.

Portraits by NC said...

What an interesting story Jennifer. I have come to the conclusion that the universe moves in mysterious ways and your post just confirmed it again.

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Thanks Sheila!

Jennifer Beaudet said...

So true Enzie!:Thanks for your comment!:)